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Pizzas - short course

Is there anything worse in life than a disappointing pizza?  OK, there clearly is, but a soggy, tasteless pizza with the wrong toppings can be depressing experience.  So why not learn the art of making your own?  This course will show you how to make pizza dough, then you will stretch it, make a tomato sauce, top it, cook it, and then of course, eat it.


You will leave with the skills to make your own delicious, crisp pizzas, a set of notes, and will have also been fed!  What more could you ask for?  You may also bring your own drinks to enjoy with your pizzas - glasses are provided.


2 hour course (times vary)

Price - £20 per person


Upcoming courses:

Saturday 29th June 2024, 11am to 1pm

Tuesday 30th July 2024, 4pm to 6pm

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Typical course content

Arrive and introduction

Dough making demo

Stretch your own base

Make tomato sauce in pairs

Look at topping ingredients

Create your own pizza and cook it



Pizza making course, cookery course, Devon, South West
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