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Seafood - short course

We are right by the sea, so what better place to learn to cook seafood can there be?  We will explore the various types of shellfish and other seafood, preparing them in a variety of ways, to give you the confidence to do it at home.

The species of fish and shellfish used during the course will vary by season but are chosen to give you a good opportunity to learn useful skills and recipes.  On a perfect day we would have crabs, oysters, mussels, scallops, prawns and black bream.  Wherever possible, everything will be locally and sustainably caught, and usually comes from S&P Fish at the harbour 200m away.  The recipes are versatile and so can be easily adapted to different fish and to suit your own tastes.  We will normally make crab cakes with plum and ginger sauce, prawn banderillos, mussels with cream and garlic, seared scallops with persilade dressing and fillets of bream with sauce vierge. 


The course ends with a seafood meal of your creations.  You are welcome to bring drinks to enjoy with your fish.  We have glasses and just ask that you take your empties away with you.


2.5 hour course (times vary, please see the calendar)

Price - £30 per person

Bookings normally close 24hrs before the course start time


Upcoming courses:

Tuesday 21st May 2024, 11am to 1:30pm

Friday 19th July 2024, 11am to 1:30pm


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Typical day structure:


Intro - Discuss fish sourcing, quality and sustainability

Crab dressing and make crab cakes

Shucking oysters

Make sauces and accompaniments

Cook the other  fish and shellfish

Eat your creations


Seafood and shellfish cookery course at Coastal Cooking Ilfracombe
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