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Vegetarian Cookery

Whether you are vegetarian for ethical reasons, as a healthier choice or purely as a preference, the biggest challenge is creating tasty, satisfying and nutritious dishes.  I regularly create whole menus for events that are not just vegetarian but largely vegan and nobody ever finishes the meal feeling that meat was missing.  Through this course I share the secrets to developing a broad variety of full flavoured dishes without resorting to lots of diary products or processed ingredients.


You will leave with a set of adaptable recipes for savoury and sweet dishes plus knowledge of the techniques to get the best from your ingredients.  We also cover the fundamentals of nutrition when following a vegetarian diet.  Lunch and refreshments throughout the day are included.  You will leave with a folder of notes and recipes.


One day course (10am - 5pm) including lunch

Price - £125 per person


Upcoming courses:

Saturday 20th April 2024, 10am to 5pm


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Typical day structure:


Veg - Discussion of types, cooking principles, key ingredients and nutrition

Make vegan Pavlova and filling


Create vegan Thai curries for lunch


Vegan brownies

Make a selection of vegan dishes based on different cuisines


Make a Middle Eastern feast

Vegan and vegetarian cookery at Coastal Cooking Ilfracombe
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