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Pasties & scones- short course

Are there any greater icons of West Country food than pasties and scones?  They are simple things but being able to make perfect ones, with that perfect taste and texture needs some skill and subtlety.


On this course you will learn a little about the history and correct recipes and then make your own Cornish-ish Pasties and Devon Scones (we mustn't call them Cornish Pasties, as we are about 30 miles too far east!).  At the end of the course you can either take away your creations or sit in our sunny shop and enjoy them there.


2 hour course (times vary)

Price - £20 per person


Upcoming dates:

Tuesday 25th June 2024, 11am to 1pm

Tuesday 9th July 2024, 3pm to 5pm

Thursday 8th August 2024, 11am to 1pm

Thursday 15th August 2024, 11am to 1pm

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Typical course content

Arrive and introduction

Make pasty pastry

Fill and bake pasties

Make your own scones and bake

Eat your pasties and scones or take them away


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